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Torn: Trylle Trilogy Book 2 (Trylle Novels)

Torn  - Amanda Hocking I absolutely loved this book!! I was in a bit of a reading slump so it took me awhile to get into it, but once I did I couldn't put it down. I think it was just as good as the first book, Switched, though in a different way. In Switched Wendy found out that she was a Trylle Princess and was being pursued fervently by the Vittra. Wendy discovered that there were a lot of secrets being kept from and, in Switched, she only found partial answers to very few of the questions she asked. Torn sheds light on a lot of the vague answers Elora gave in Switched, and while the Vittra do try to get Wendy, a lot of the book is Wendy discovering that the Trylle need her, and that she must do her duty to save her people. It was nice to see Wendy realize what she must do, and think of things other than what she wanted. Not that she was selfish before, because she wasn't, but in lieu of what came to light throughout Torn, her previous actions and attitude now seem a little self-centered.As expected, the book was well written and the story moved along at a good pace, though at times it would jump forward with no warning and that bothered me a little. I loved the ending to the book. It was a good ending, one that wrapped up the book nicely, and one that I might have expected at the end of a series. Though it wrapped up well, it was still a cliffhanger, and I liked how the author combined the two. I cannot wait for the final Trylle book, Ascend.The short story that came in the back, One Day: Three Ways was really good, too. I liked reading from Finn, Tove, and Loki's point-of-views and I liked that it let you see what each of them really feels for Wendy.