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The Weight of Souls - Bryony Pearce Stopped at ARC page 190 of 318. I stopped at p190 a few days ago to do life stuff, but when I went to get back to reading it that night, I just wasn't interested anymore. I don't know why. I started another book, thinking that maybe if I read something else, then came back to The Weight of Souls, I'd be fine with it again. That didn't happen.The Weight of Souls was great. The storyline was interesting, and while there were a little hiccups with the characters, I thought they were well-thought out and formed. The place I stopped at wasn't a boring spot, so I don't think this was the book's fault at all. My stopping was because of me and my life completely.Full DNF review to come. (Or possibly just a full review, if I do finish the book at some point.)