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Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune - Christine   Johnson There's not a lot of good I can say about Claire de Lune. The only thing that kept me reading was wanting to know who the rogue werewolf was. And if the rogue's POV hadn't been included, even as few times as it was, I probably wouldn't have continued at all. The main character, Claire, and her best friend, Emily, were so very annoying, and would say things like, "OMG! I totally can't believe this is happening!" Claire was less vexing when she wasn't talking to Emily, but there were moments when I just wanted to slap her and say, "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! AND STOP OVERUSING THE WORD TOTALLY!"Other than an annoying main character, I was about ¾ of the way through the book before anything really happened. Yes, Claire found out she was a werewolf, and yes, she turned for the first time, but most of the book was her talking to Emily, going out with Matthew, the romantic interest, and trying to get information about being a werewolf out of her mother. In the last fourth of the book the rogue hits close to home, and a chapter or two later unveils her identity. That is when things really start to get interesting, but up until then? Very boring.Over all, I was disappointed with Claire de Lune. The only saving grace was the ending, but even that can't totally make up for the beginning and middle. I gave it a ½ lump rating because I don't think the book is poo, but I would borrow it before you bought it.*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way paid for my opinions*